Five Charms of Izunagaoka

1 Geisha

Izunagaoka host one of the two approved “Geiko Schools” in Japan, the other one is in Kyoto.

About 40 geisha girls work everyday at Izunagaoka Spa.

2 World Heritage Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the most famous sightseeing spot in Shizuoka. There are plenty of Mt. Fuji View Hotels.
There are also many Mt. Fuji viewspots. The most famous is “Izunokuni Panorama Park”.
It is located at the summit of Mount Wagaki at an altitude of 452 m over sea level, reachable from the foot of the mountain by a 1,800 m long ropeway in about 7 minutes.
A 360 degree large panorama view including Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, spreads!

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3 World Heritage: Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace

One of the only two remaining furnaces of this kind remaining in Japan. (The other one is Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture).
Nirayama (韮山) Reverberatory furnace in Izunokuni, Shizuoka Japan.
Construction began in November 1853, after 3 years 6 months, completed in 1857 and operated until 1864.
(Designated Historic site on 8 March 1922, Heritage of Industrial Modernization of Japan on 30 November 2007, “Meiji Japan’s Industrial revolution heritage, July 2015.

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4 Strawberry

To say Izunagaoka is to say strawberry ("Ichigo"). Izunagaoka's strawberries are famous.
Early picks start in December. The strawberry picking season goes from New Year to The Golden Week in May. The juicest are the reddish: with the surroundings seeds dark and a green foot. The darkest the freshest.

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5 Hot Spring “Manju” (rice cake)

To name Izunagaoka most famous dish is to say Onsen Manju.
Izunagaoka was the first hot spring resort to offer them as souvenirs. There are plenty of flavours and tastes depending of the shop.
Some gems have even won the Prime Minister Prize. Please try as many varieties of Onsen Manju as possible.

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