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Izunagaoka Onsen Hotel Kona Besso

From october 2014 restaurant open- ancient plan traditional Japanese architecture house-outdoor hot spring bath.

Forgetting ancient habits we opened Seasons Veg "Genjiyama" and Buckwheat (soba) "Chikuzan" shops so you can indulge eating whenever you want. The impressive Akira Kurosawa Higashiyama Gallery also opened.

Basic Information

Title Izunagaoka Onsen Hotel Kona Besso
Address 31 Kona, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka-ken
TEL 055-948-1225
Rooms 8
Parking Yes (Free)
Business hours Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:00
Credit card VISA
Type Pets allowed
Feature Less than 15 rooms / WiFi
Feature of room
Feature of Spa With open air hot springs / Rooms with open air hot springs / Water flowing from hot spring source

Day spa

Stay only with meals.
11: 00-15: 00
Meal fee 5,250 yen + bathing charge 1,000 yen + bathing tax 100 yen
Dinner day trip
Hours 17: 00 - 21: 00
10,500 yen for meal fee + bathing fee 1,000 yen + bathing tax 100 yen

Lunch inclusive plan / Dinner inclusive plan

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